jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote in dark_poetry,

Untitled 2014B or It Just Keeps Coming

I want to write prettier poems
I strive for whimsical
I seek a happy miracle

But when the inky ball rolls
And leaves a black line behind
I think of how I’ve killed a million pens
And failed to save any friends
No one listened when I submitted
And heartfelt pleas

So I kept writing
And as you can imagine
I turned the paper black

This is where the dark comes
This is where the dark comes
This is where the dark comes
And engulfs my pages

But onward I try
Sometimes bleat
But never accept real defeat
And so that is why
I think you should try
With a wide open eye
To see the hope and heart that is within

I am sorry I write the poems that bring you down
Make you sad in your little frown
Low, low, low
No, I am not
Because I see how you treat people all around
This gritty fuck-up town

Bring it around
Bring it around

Want to see me let you up?
Let you breathe?
Then here are some things I’m gonna need
To see
From you

That’s right how you treat people
Treat them and their rights
Their thoughts and hearts and rights

And I’ll keep whispering and shouting
And bringing it around
Even if it brings the whole room down
Because I’m there… in your chair
Fixing that poet with a long , long stare
And in a crowd I’ll give you a bump
A soul-felt shove until you feel a lump
In your throat

What goes around comes around
Comes around like science … it makes sense
Con-science … that’s conscience
So bring it around
Now that’s me with my foot on your chest
Dammit James, give it a rest
Until I see you giving it your best
Then I’ll give it a rest

Or use me, know I’m on your side
That’s you, the abused – no longer hide
And point me at the foot on your neck
The knife in your back
Let my idea of treatment be the strength that you lack

July 17, 2014
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