aztarothe (aztarothe) wrote in dark_poetry,

the gods are afraid

the gods are afraid
If there is a God, or gods,
he/she/it/them are afraid.
They are afraid of me.
I have prayed,
I have thought,
I have willed,
But their silence speaks volumes;

I offered a challenge,
I gave a way,
But remain ignored,
The world will continue to live in slavery,
Though most do not know it,
Nor do they care,
Or perhaps, they are all just comfortable,
Happy in their slavery;

I have the way,
I have the truth,
The truth is,
You are all liars,
So I say,
Fuck you,
And fuck God, the gods, or whatever weird
Invisible entity you happen to believe in,
He/she/it/them/they are not there,
Nor do they care.
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